You are so much more.

Passionately helping ambitious entrepreneurs transform personally       and professionally through

Courage Clarity Confidence to achieve their Limitless Life

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You are Limitless


Sit down with me and I will help you create a personal and professional life you love.  

Wherever you are in your life and business right now is where I'll meet you and from here help you navigate your way through your limitations to your limitless life.

From self-doubt to self-assured, from low worth to absolute worth, from "I don't know or I can't" to "I will find a way because I can!"  

Self-acceptance means you have to get to the heart of your fears and limitations by being courageous. And that's always where we start with powerful mindset mastery.

You need to know you, shine the light into some of the dark corners and connect with who you truly are.

Watch your confidence soar once you believe in yourself, are courageous and have clarity on your values.

It's then that we can get to work on bringing your vision into reality by working on your goals and putting a strategy in place.


Imagine, right now, waking up every day energised, passionate, confident, powerful and IN LOVE with your life!  

How would that make you feel?


"We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated."

Maya Angelou

The Limitless Women Club

Is the only place to be if you're an ambitious woman with BIG DREAMS.  But you know you haven't yet reached your true destination of living your limitless life.

Sometimes we need a little help and that's what you'll find inside the Club, ALL FOR FREE!

Every month there will be: mindset clarity sessions,  accountability & motivation, powerful affirmations, inspiration, free learning, coaching tools, tips and strategies, workbooks and a supportive community of women heading in the same direction and casting off their masks of self-doubt and worthlessness along the way.

Remember it's FREE!  I'll see you there.

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Coaching is typically about defining and setting goals, getting clear on vision and values, providing a structure, encouraging and supporting, holding a person accountable and is focussed on the future rather than the past. 

A Coach works with a client to look at their whole life working from an holistic approach.  The client brings their present self and works towards their future best self.

What's common in all coaching is the aim is to help someone be the absolute best they can be. 

Life Coaching is a practice to help clients remove barriers that hold them back and instead put themselves in a position of power and taking positive action forward.

Life Coaching is so powerful as it helps people to become more goal orientated, more ambitious and more accountable for their results.

Coaching with Elizabeth is a blend of life-long learning, personal lived experiences, professional qualifications in Coaching, Human Resources, Neuroscience, NLP, DISC, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and Mental Health, so you can be assured of a very unique coaching experience tailored specifically to your own personal needs and where your transformation is inevitable!

Book your call. Stepping into the unknown can feel daunting, and all sorts of thoughts and fears creep in, especially when you know coaching will be about looking behind your mask which means you will have to be courageous. That's why, for those who are new to coaching, you can book a complimentary call to get a feel for coaching.  Trust, along with a sense of safety, in the person you choose as your Transformational Life Coach, is vital.


Personal & Professional Coaching Packages

How would it feel to fall back in love with your life?

To feel so confident you can cope with any challenge?

To step out of your unfulfilling career and into your dream job?

To grow your business with ease and clarity?

To have the best relationships with your partner, friends, family, colleagues, children?

What if you could change from feeling unworthy, not good enough, overwhelmed, fearful, like an imposter?

What if you could remove your mask for good and reveal the real you without apology?

If you are barely coping with life challenges because of overwhelm and low self-confidence, and deep in your soul you really do know that you feel stuck, unfulfilled and that you are not living a life you deserve and love, then I'm here to tell you, "I know and I see you."  It's time for you let go of all that holds you back and keeps you playing small.

It's time to find the real YOU! 

You want to work with someone who knows.  Someone who will empower you to remove your mask.  Someone who will keep you accountable and who will support you with getting clear on your values, vision, strengths and goals. And who will help you increase your confidence and develop a strong and positive mindset so that you can be in control of your future and live the happiest life you truly deserve. 

You want someone to help you break through the barrier of overwhelm so that you can be magnificent and authentically you. You need someone with empathy, kindness, and compassion.

That's my area of expertise.  That's exactly what coaching with me will empower you to do.  Find the real you.

Remember you are not the mask you wear, you are unique, you are you.  And it's my job to help you transform.

Your investment on yourself can start from as little as £197 for a focussed laser session.

Are you ready?


About Me

I am a Certified Coach, a Master NLP Practitioner, an Accredited DISC Profiler, a MHFA and currently studying as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist.  I spent over a decade coaching and mentoring management teams in my previous corporate career and transforming the performance of those teams.  I was a confidant and coach to the senior leadership team, managed high level organisation change projects and handled complex employee relations matters.

Today I work with successful entrepreneurs running their own businesses and high achieving female executives in corporate businesses. How I help them and you is by supporting you to navigate the complexities of your current thinking so you can change your mindset from limited to limitless.  Resulting in powerful and focussed actions to achieve your goals with confidence, a clear strategy for success and growth and incredible transformation which you will see and feel in all areas of your professional and personal life. 

I don't approach my coaching work with a one package fits everyone style.  I blend many years of professional and personal experience with high performance strategies, the latest learning from my personal development and neuroscience studies, lots of intuition and empathy and Coaching and NLP techniques which absolutely serve my clients best and lead to phenomenal transformation.



"Elizabeth has helped me with my mindset, confidence and thinking patterns and my business has grown considerably because of this. She also goes above and beyond. I was on the receiving end of her brilliant client service. She juggled things to find time for an extra call following a challenge I was facing. After only 45 minutes I came away with clarity, calm, confidence and focussed actions. I never thought I needed a coach until I met Elizabeth."


"Elizabeth's passion for coaching shines through in everything she does and how she works. I got so much out of the Courage Today Coaching sessions I had. Uncovering my limiting beliefs around my capabilities, potential and taking decisive action to go for a promotion in another organisation, and being successful, all within the 5 weeks of working with Elizabeth was game changing! I could not recommend Elizabeth enough. "


"Elizabeth puts you at ease instantly with her open approach and helps you dig deeper to open new doors. It was like holding a magnifying glass over my goals and gave me the opportunity to look at my business from a completely different perspective."


"I love Elizabeth's style which is empathic and supportive and know that I absolutely trust her. She has helped me identify and address several issues and with Elizabeth's help I have found balance and direction and I have successfully started my new business.""


Join The Limitless Female Association!

The next step for you if you want more help and support but you aren't ready for coaching is the exclusive private membership for women just like you who want to bravely uncover their limitless potential and live a limitless life without apology.




Membership includes

Live Masterclasses

Live Q&A Sessions

Live Coaching Sessions

Weekly Mindset, Mood & Motivation Session

Weekly Guided Relax and Renew Session

Powerful Affirmations

Reflection Sessions

Goal Setting support

Weekly Check-Ins


Private Members Facebook Community 

Guest Experts

Access to a private members website

Your adventure to being limitless starts inside the Limitless Female Association.





Membership includes

2 months FREE

Live Masterclasses

Live Q&A Sessions

Live Coaching Sessions

Weekly Mindset, Mood & Motivation Session

Weekly Guided Relax and Renew Session

Reflection Sessions

Goal Setting support

Weekly Check-Ins


Private Members Facebook Community 

Guest Experts

Access to a private members website

Your adventure to being limitless starts inside the Limitless Female Association.


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