The Limitless Female Association

Step through your Limitations and into your Limitless Life!

Your success pathway to being a Limitless Female...

Your Relationship - Courage to look at yourself through fresh lenses and ask yourself "Do I accept and love myself unconditionally and take the best care of myself?"
Your Foundations - Clarity on what you value, believe and identify any blocks holding you back.
Your Successful You - Visualise your future self with Confidence, setting goals and actions to achieve your vision
Your Successful Future - Removing self-sabotaging habits, overcoming overwhelm and moving forward with Confidence. 
Your Maintenance Programme - Being in Control of your Limitless life and doing the maintenance work.

The journey along your success pathway gets you to Your Limitless Life!

Imagine, just for a moment, your life, exactly the way you want it. 

The way you always envisioned you would live your life with those endless possibilities opening up for you.

Can you see it?

Your best ever life?  

What does it look like? What does it feel like?  What do you hear?  Who's with you?


Now take a moment to look around at your life today.    

How different is this life, today, to the vision you just enjoyed in the movie in your mind?

If you can visualise it, you can bring it to reality and I will show you how inside


Where you will go on an adventure and explore your relationship with yourself, navigate the complexities of your current thinking, behaviour and actions and move from feeling not good enough to being completely worthy as you journey through your limitations and into your exciting and limitless life.


The ripple effect of being the best you truly is as wide as it is deep.  Once you are supported inside the LFA to fully step into and own being the best version of you, your business success explodes, your career reaches new heights, your relationships become honest and powerful, your life expands with endless possibilities. 
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See yourself through new lenses

The first step on your journey to being Limitless shines a light on the basics that you often neglect and forget about. It takes Courage to look at yourself deeply but being the best you means being honest about how well you are treating yourself. You look at how you take care of yourself, love yourself and show yourself kindness and forgiveness. The most important relationship in your life has to start with the one you have with yourself.

Start creating your limitless life

Your foundations have to be strong, having an amazing relationship with yourself is just the beginning. To be the best and have a limitless life you need Clarity on who you are, why you behave and think as you do and what you value.  Removing the "I should" and "I'm not sure" and "I've always done this" along with the feelings of confusion, frustration and feeling stuck. And replacing with clear values, a purpose, positive beliefs and powerful habits.

Leap into your limitless life

How do you know what you want? By having a clear vision and moving forwards towards it with your roadmap of goals and actions steps. Your journey inside the membership moves you from confused, stuck, having low energy, deflated and in denial to a place of knowing what you want, feeling Confident, in control, energised and taking clearly defined steps towards your limitless life. 

This isn't the end of your journey! 

 We'll keep moving you forwards through maintenance and continual growth!

This is not jut any membership, this is the LFA....

Masterclasses on carefully curated topics to help you thrive

Q&A sessions to support your self-development

Transformational Group Coaching sessions with direct access to me

Weekly Live Mindset, Mood and Motivation Sessions

Reflection Sessions

Powerful Affirmations

Guided Beautiful Relaxation Sessions


Workbooks & Supporting Documents

Private Members Facebook Community for ongoing support & encouragement

52 Weeks of Inspiration & Accountability to keep you on track

Guest Experts

Access to a private members only website

The LFA gives you quality content focussed on you at an affordable investment.


The Limitless Female Association was born from conversations with ladies in my network who were self-doubting on themselves resulting in them sabotaging their success, choosing unhelpful habits and limiting beliefs that were knocking their confidence. They asked me if I could provide support and motivation more regularly than a 1:1 coaching package, and include strategies to cope now, tips on being their best selves and guidance on how to be stronger, focussed, clearer and to continue their growth into the future. Oh, and could they have this inside a community!


So I considered what 'it' might be that I could offer and founded the Limitless Female Association.  


It is my mission to provide a safe, non-judgemental space where women; whether successful business women, entrepreneurs, career breakers or home makers, can explore their current relationship with themselves. Why? Because it's the most important relationship you'll ever have, and when this relationship is healthy you can cope through crisis - much like the current global situation, overcome challenges, thrive in adversity, grow, achieve success and so much more.

A healthy relationship with yourself comes from self-love, self-worth, self-care, positive inner beliefs and mindset. I will empower you to fill up a well-stocked kit bag of daily success habits, tools, steps and strategies to have the best relationship with yourself so you can not only be the best version of you, you can fulfil your potential, attain your success and be limitless.


The ripple effect of being the best you truly is as wide as it is deep.  Once you are supported inside the LFA to fully step into and own being the best version of you, your business success explodes, your career reaches new heights, your relationships become honest and powerful, your life expands with endless possibilities.




And so, bringing all my knowledge, professional qualifications, training, intuition and personal and professional experience together I have carefully curated the content to support you now and for your ongoing self-discovery journey.


Inside the Limitless Female Association you will learn, you will grow and you will become unapologetically Limitless!


There are no more excuses you can make to not put yourself front and foremost. You deserve to live a limitless and unapologetic life. That starts today. Choose your membership option below.









About your Membership Host and Coach Elizabeth

Passionate about helping courageous women navigate the complexities of their current thinking, behaviour and actions to design and start living an exciting limitless personal and professional life of their dreams through 1:1 coaching.

I realised my passion to help others after recovering from months of debilitating panic attacks, severe stress and overwhelming anxiety following many years of mentally exhausting and physical life changing events, tough challenges and memories of horrible childhood trauma. I knew I needed to re-evaluate my life because I felt my world was ready to implode on me and I couldn't see my future clearly.

Something deep inside was gnawing at me and I could faintly hear a whisper in my ear. I was meant for more, I knew it. I just didn't know what 'it' was.

Leaving my 20+ years in corporate as a Senior HR professional gave me space to breathe and do some deep soul searching. I looked over my life experiences, traumas and challenges, reviewed my strengths, and kept returning to wanting to help others be their best selves. I knew my future success was entirely in my control.

So I did the work on me, looked at the relationship I have with myself, implemented self-care and self-love and designed my limitless future. 

Now a Certified Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Accredited DISC Profiler, Mental Health First Aider and part qualified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist I dedicate my career and channel my energy into helping women achieve their limitless life because I strongly believe every woman has the right to stand in her power and be Unapologetically Limitless!


The doors won't open again until Spring 2021. Jump on the waiting list to be notified when we open again.









"For any ladies wanting to be the best version of themselves I can highly recommend The Limitless Female Association. I never thought group sessions like this or even coaching was for me. How wrong was I! So far it's been a great journey. Elizabeth is so knowledgeable and the combination of her support along with the other ladies in the group makes the LFA a wonderful group to belong to and a vital part of my week."

A Wordsworth
LFA Member

""The first month really has been so good. I've learnt so much about myself. I can't wait for the journey with LFA to continue!""

LFA Member

"At the beginning I lacked self confidence and worth, suffered with self doubt and felt alone. Over the time we've worked together I began to realise I am worthy, I am extremely capable, I am passionate, I am determined and I am awesome. And more importantly that I wasn’t alone at all. My business is thriving and I feel incredible."

Private 1:1 Client

""It's like you are reading my mind. That's exactly the concern I have and I know that's what's holding me back. Wow, have you got a crystal ball?""

LFA Member

"Elizabeth's passion for coaching shines through in everything she does and how she works. I got so much out of the Courage Today Coaching sessions I had. Uncovering my limiting beliefs around my capabilities, potential and taking decisive action to go for a promotion in another organisation, and being successful, all within the 5 weeks of working with Elizabeth was game changing! I could not recommend Elizabeth enough. "

C Taylor
Private 1:1 Client

"I had wanted to work with Elizabeth for some time because I was struggling to focus on what I needed to do to move my new business forward.   ​ Elizabeth helped me identify and address several issues that I was prevaricating about, to review my goals and challenge some of my decisions. ​ With Elizabeth's help and coaching I have been able to find balance and direction and I have successfully started my new business. ​ I love Elizabeth's style, empathic and supportive and I know that I absolutely trust her.  ​ I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone needing coaching to help build self-confidence and find the strength to take control."

Private 1:1 Client

"Elizabeth has this very calming serenity about her, she is professional but warm and friendly, and manages to make you feel comfortable even though you can often be exploring some pretty uncomfortable topics. The results have been transformational for me."

Private 1:1 Client

"I honestly can't rate the LFA more highly. I truly believe the membership is fantastic. The advice and support is amazing and brilliant value for money. It has made such a difference to me and my mindset."

LFA Member

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